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Tuning the Body Machine

I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ® Pracitioner (FDN-P) working with people who want to rebalance their health and energy so that they can continue their weight loss journey at a steady pace.


I help those who have been frustrated or had mixed results trying to lose weight with various weight loss programs. I believe that there are many hidden imbalances within the body that can trip up your attempts to lose weight. One example is a hidden digestive issue could be preventing you from accessing the nutrients in your food. Another could be hidden causes of inflammation. Both of these problems can cause the body to store fat as a form of self-preservation.

Often, dealing with those internal hurdles and stressors can help make it easier to lose body fat.


I use a combination of functional tests and holistic natural medicine in my work to identify problems and enable you to make healthy lifestyle changes. By taking the time to correct your imbalances, you can build a firm foundation to make fat loss more attainable and sustainable.

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The Nutritioneer Consulting Way

My name is Olivia Lee. I am a Board Certified in Holistic Nutritionist® with a Masters of Science in Nutrition.  I am also a mother, family cook, and gardener.


My passion is helping individuals restore their internal health balance, and, in doing so supporting them with their weight loss efforts.  This is done by finding hidden imbalances and teaching the skills and steps needed to restore balance.



As a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ® Practitioner (FDN-P), I utilize a combination of lab tests, your health history, and your personal mental and emotional journeys to help me identify what could potentially be hindering your attempts at weight loss.



I believe that our body's natural condition is to be in a state of balance when it is able to manage minor challenges to its well-being. These challenges or stressors can come in various forms. Many think of stress as typically coming from work, home, and traffic. However, other forms of stress are more subtle. Sometimes they are external, such as an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or even exposure to environmental toxins. Hormonal and immune imbalances or digestive inefficiency, even parasites can get in the way.



Most people have the adaptive reserves to handle the daily challenges. However, when they add up to the tipping point where the body is unable to constantly restore balance, that is when you may struggle with weight loss.




The NANP is the only professional business league, wholly dedicated to furthering the cause, education and standards of the holistic nutrition industry.



FDN is to help people investigate and resolve the underlying causes and conditions at the root of their health complaints.