Quick Notes in Preparing for the Wuhan Coronavirus 

  • Or any very bad flu outbreak


As of this moment this virus out of Wuhan appears to be quite virulent and potentially making its way globally


If you landed here, you most likely have been tracking its progress and need primer to get just a little bit more ready. Below are quick personal thoughts I have been asked to put together, and should not be counted as advice but rather a starting point.


Check Your Perception


Is it really bad? Or is it your fear talking?

  • It is new. 

  • People don’t like ‘new’ but news agencies' livelihood depends on it.

  • New virus + quick news cycles = sound more scary.


Action does have to be taken because it is serious

  • Yes. Governments are acting, it is because they are expected to do so for public safety. To avert public panic, which is more dangerous and destructive. *The darker reality is they do not want to be seen not doing anything.*

  • Declaring emergencies channels resources.


People do die from flu yearly

  • Take a step back. Seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year, according to a new estimate that's higher than the previous one of 250,000 to 500,000 deaths a year. Not many people take that much notice. We carry on. It is because the flu is old news. 

    • The new figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other groups were published Dec. 13 in The Lancet medical journal.


From current info about virulence of this virus (Jan 30 2020), it is going to be a very bad flu that will hit the immuno compromised the hardest. So quiet readiness by practicing good public health common sense plus maximizing your immunity can help ease your mind.


Your Public Practice


Face masks


Wash Hands

  • Yup. Basic hygiene! 

  • Don’t touch anything with wet membranes on your body after being out in a crowded place. Wet membranes are places like eyes, mouth, nose and privates.


Apply Kindergarten rules

  • Cough into tissues or your sleeve if you are unprepared.

  • Bin that tissue properly

  • Separate cups, plates and cutlery.


Your Personal Health


Remember Coronavirus,  like many flu viruses kills primarily through secondary infection.

  • I.E. pneumonia, bronchitis, kidney failure. Systems that were weak or have some niggling infection at the onset are the ones causing the trouble.


Get the current flu shot.

  • Reduce your risk of compromising your current health from the already circulating annual flu. 

  • Don’t have to fight on multiple fronts.


Time to think about quitting smoking.

  • It makes your lungs vulnerable.

  • makes you look like hell anyway.


Look after those kidneys.

  • Drink water. 

  • Pee when you have to.


Avoid unnecessary medications. 

  • All medication relies on your internal resources to clear it out. 

  • Of course your MD has the last say on this.


Prime and nurture your gut, it is your immunity factory.

  • Make real veggies >50% of your overall diet (fries not counted see below)

  • Get some whole grains.

  • Junk food feeds the wrong gut bacteria thereby reducing your immunity.

  • Probiotics are OK, but diet works better.


Control inflammation (you may have hidden ones).

  • Avoid refined (white bread) or deep fried carbs (fries)

  • Cut refined sugar including 100% real juice.

  • Reign in your red meat portions, max your palm size, fingers excluded per meal


Control Stress

  • Know yourself. Is more info helpful or is the news haunting your nightmares?

  • Stress depletes your body’s healing reserves

  • Exercise to stimulate immunity but NEVER to exhaustion because it depletes your reserves


Supplements that may help

Supplements mentioned are available in my dispensary. Sign up is free. Mix of professionals only brands with some retail labels. They are shipped from a large warehouse a direct to your door.

Foundation Supplements 

  • Basic stuff that keeps your engine running optimally, not giving dosage because individual needs vary.

  • Vitamin D & A

  • Antioxidants C & E 

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (preferably a time release one cos it doesn't last long in the body)

  • Probiotics Example: Megasporebiotic (professional brand found in my store)


Supplements when virus is in the community

  • Echinacea.

    • Medium term use

    • Manufacturers and dosages vary. 

    • Not for those with autoimmunity and immune suppressants

    • Effectiveness plateaus at 2 weeks

    • Not for those with daisy or flower allergies

    • Example: Esberitox® by Enzymatic Therapy

  • Elderberry

    • On first indication of cold/flu symptoms 

    • or appearance in family members

    • Example: Elderberry Capsules by Gaia Herbs

  • NAC (N-acetylcysteine)